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May is mental health awareness month and a time to raise awareness for those living with mental or behavioral issues. The global pandemic and other societal issues have increased the need for mental health support on college campuses. Reducing the stigma behind mental health and encouraging students to seek out help is highly important. Please continue reading to learn more about the college mental health crisis and how SUNY Fredonia offers support. 

It’s no secret that mental health problems are particularly bad for college-aged individuals. However, are you aware of how bad it actually is? The University of Michigan conducted a study called, The Healthy Minds Study which provides a detailed picture of mental health and related issues in college and student populations. The study took results from multiple collegiate institutions of varying sizes.

Each participating school provided the Healthy Minds Study with a sample of enrolled students over the age of 18. Larger schools provided a random sample around 4,000 students. Smaller schools included both undergrad and graduate students in the sample. 

The results from this study were quite alarming: 

  • 21% of students were found to have major depression
  • 39% were found to have depression overall, including major and moderate
  • 34% were found to have Anxiety disorder
  • 45% agrees with the following stigma “Most people would think less of someone who has received mental health treatment.”

There is a shocking amount of students who are struggling. The percentage of those experiencing anxiety or depression is far too high. Also, nearly half of the population felt that if they were to seek treatment, people would think less of them. Erasing the stigma behind mental illness is debatably the most important step in solving this crisis. Students should feel comfortable to speak about their mental health aloud and not hide it due to the fear of what others will think and say about them.

What Resources are available? 

Universities are made up of diverse populations and every student thinks and operates very differently from one another. Therefore, there is not a one size fits all solution to solving the mental health crisis of college students. Campuses need to provide a variety of mental health services to meet the needs of every unique student. 

SUNY Fredonia provides a range of mental-health and counseling services, allowing students to choose an option that works best for them. Virtual counseling is one option, which may be helpful for those who struggle with confrontation. Speaking in person to a stranger about very personal matters can be uncomfortable. Virtual counseling takes some of that pressure off and can help students feel more at ease. Others do better face to face and in-person counseling is another service Fredonia offers. To learn more about mental health resources and counseling tools available at Fredonia, please continue reading below. 

Where to Get Support: 

The FREDwell Lounge

The FREDwell Lounge is a wellness-focused space available for students to attend peer led groups about mental health, stress and coping. Training and resources are also available. The FREDwell Lounge is open during the Williams Center operating hours.


Students have access to myStrength–a free online tool that teaches skills to reduce stress, improve mood, and overcome other challenges.For access, visit MYSTRENGTH.COM: click “Sign Up,” and enter the access code : FredoniaBlueDevil for personalized help, including tracking your mood, managing depressive and anxious thoughts, and to access and share inspirations.

Let’s Talk 

“Let’s Talk” is a drop-in service that offers informal, no-commitment consultation with a Fredonia counselor. Speak with a counselor about concerns, get help problem-solving, and learn more about counseling services at the Fredonia Counseling Center. Learn More

Groups & Workshops 

The Counseling Center offers a variety of group and workshop experiences that are fun, informative, and thought provoking, designed to help participants safely explore themes related to developing a firm sense of who they are and what they want out of life. Learn More

Individual Counseling

Feeling stuck? Uninspired? Maybe counseling can help. 

Brief, episodic, counseling interventions can help you to harness your energy for change, those impulses that we frequently feel, and explore them in a structure that helps you to stay committed to what is truly important to you. Learn More

Project HOPE

New York’s Free and Confidential COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline. Learn More

Community Resources 

Click Here for Available Hotlines