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You have probably heard the phrase, “it’s all part of the college experience” thousands of times. This is a typical line people reference when explaining that living in dirty, run-down college homes builds character and is all part of the adventure.

Alumni often share horror stories of what living in their college house was like. Broken appliances, a musty smell that never goes away, cold showers….the list goes on and on. Sure, the stories are pretty funny and can be looked back on for a good laugh. But does anyone actually want to live this way? No.The majority of people would agree that they’d like to avoid dealing with the many, many issues that come along with a deteriorating home. So, what if we told you that you don’t have to settle for underwhelming student housing.

Water Street Square is the latest and greatest off-campus apartments available for students who attend SUNY Fredonia. Our luxury apartments provide students with quality, upscale, and modern living. Isn’t it worth it to pay a little more to get the best?

Our goal in creating Water Street Square is to provide a space where students can actually get the most out of their time away at school. It is time to redefine what “the college experience” is and erase the stigma that college housing isn’t meant to be luxurious. We want this to be a place where students truly feel happy — because let’s face it, moving away from home can be scary. A nice, new, and safe environment can help students feel less intimidated as they learn to adapt to the new changes in their life.

What exactly are the benefits of choosing Water Street Square? Continue reading to find out!

1. Promotes Better Well-Being for Students

Mental health is a serious concern among college students. It is our hopes that a nice living environment can help alleviate some of the stress and negative emotions that a lot of college students go through. Providing a space where students feel safe and comfortable is our top priority.

According to a study performed on a panel of 1,000 people across the US, a clean and minimalistic living space can help increase positive emotions and alleviate depression.

Our apartments are newly renovated, so cleanliness is a guarantee. In addition, our team landed on a minimalistic and simple look when choosing the design of the apartments. This way, students can have full control when it comes to adding their personal touches and making the place their own. We recommend our student tenants keep their place as clean as they can, as research has shown that a clean space positively impacts mental health. Clutter and disorder can lead one to feeling more stressed and overwhelmed. Also, with a clean and up-to-date apartment, students are better positioned to achieve the grades they set out for.

2. Responsive Property Management

If you have a problem that needs fixing, our property management staff will be quick to assist you. A common issue many college students face is dealing with an unresponsive landlord. Students often reach out about an apartment related problem and will hear nothing back for weeks. We ensure a timely response and will take action on whatever you may need help with. We have fun time professional staff on site or close by at all times — do not hesitate to reach out!

3. Community

A common fear students have about living off-campus is the worry of being isolated. Dorm living is convenient for the fact that if you’re looking to meet people, you can just go down the hall and knock on doors.

The great thing about Water Street Square is it has a community-feel to it. The community has 30 units with approximately 70 bedrooms and plans for continued expansion. There is plenty of opportunity to make friends with your neighbors in the building you live in or by walking a couple feet to the building right next door. Nothing beats the convenience of having all of your friends in one place. It also is a great way to meet new people who live around you. Plans are also in place for a community courtyard, where students can hang out, study, play games, etc.

Water Street Square apartments are located in the Entertainment District of Fredonia. Here, you will find popular college bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, etc. all in walking distance. EBC West, Upper Crust Bakery & Soup Co., Maria’s pizza, and more. Check out our blog on the best spots for food here.

4. Fully Furnished / Modern

Our apartments are up to date with a modern and trendy design. We promise you won’t have to look at yellow walls that were once white, or ugly wall paper from 100 years ago. In addition, Water Street Square apartments are fully furnished, including: beds, dressers, lamps, tables, chairs, couches, and a 65 in. Smart TV! Yes, that’s right – all apartments include a 65 in. TV, so students can binge their favorite programs together. You will definitely be the designated place for big sports games or bachelor / bachelorette nights.

Water Street Square is changing the game for SUNY Fredonia student housing. College students are demanding higher living standards and Water Street Square delivers on that. If you are interested in setting up a tour or have any questions, please contact 716-949-0982.