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‘Tis the season of freezing walks to campus and scraping ice off the car windshield. Like every winter season at SUNY Fredonia, the snow tends to stay its welcome longer than most would like. Although it’s going to be cold outside, you can make your apartment cozy and warm. Follow below for 10 items you’ll in your apartment to get you through the long winter ahead. Stay warm! 

1. Blankets

You can never have too many blankets, especially when most of your time will be spent on the couch binging movies and TV shows. Weighted blankets and heated blankets are a worth-it investment for the winter season. [warning: it may make it impossible for you to step outside again] 

2. Doormat 

If you don’t have a doormat, you’re going to want to get one to avoid getting the dirty snow and sludge from melting all over your floors. Depending on the season coming up,  Retailers roll out their  seasonal doormats early to excite shoppers.

3. Mugs

Seasonal drinks are the best, and drinking them out of a festive mug makes them taste that much better. Here’s some hot beverage inspiration you can make easily in your apartment for the Holiday Season. Invest in a Keurig or Nespresso machine and you’re good to go.

  • Hot Apple Cider
  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Latte / Coffee

4. Storage basket for Winter Hats, Gloves, Scarves

Next time you go home, grab your winter jacket, hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks, etc… You will be happy you did when it’s time to walk across campus and the weather is below 20 degrees. It might be a good idea to invest in a basket where you can store all of these items in your apartment. This way you can keep everything all together and avoid the frustrating experience of missing one glove. 

5. Ice Scraper for Car / Salt

Nothing is worse than being late to class, but having to wait in your car for the ice to defrost. Cut your time down and get an ice scraper to speed up the process. Salt is also a good idea to have around this winter season. Salting areas that may appear slippery and targeting sneaky black ice can help reduce slips, falls, and serious injuries from occurring. 

6. Slippers 

Sometimes after being outside for awhile, it can feel impossible for your feet to warm up. Slippers and warm fuzzy socks can help tremendously.

7. Slow Cooker 

It’s soup season! A slow cooker makes it very easy for you to cook your favorite warm soups, with minimal dishes to do afterwards.

8. Humidifier 

Dry throat, skin, and lips are unfortunate occurrences that come along with the cold weather. A warm mist humidifier is a good option to help keep your skin moisturized and feeling good. 

9. Cold Medicine

It’s very common to get sick when the cold weather hits, especially in college where sickness spreads like wildfire. Stock up on cough drops, tissues, drink plenty of water, and incorporate vitamin C into your diet to boost your immune system and fight off sickness this season. 

10. Decorations 

Investing in some decorations leading up to the Holidays can help make your apartment look festive and feel cozy. Some ideas may include:

  • Christmas lights 
  • DIY stockings with you and your roommates initials
  • Throw pillows

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to deck your place out to stay warm and cozy this winter season!