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The time period after Thanksgiving break and before Christmas break is hands down the most stressful for college students. It’s crunch time for finals, and many are feeling overwhelmed on where to begin. Don’t panic – everyone gets through this and you will be okay. Continue reading for tips and strategies to help you prepare for your finals. 

  1. Go to Review Sessions – if your classes are offering review sessions before finals, be sure to go. Professors oftentimes drop big hints as to what material should be your top priority to focus on
  2. Switch up your Study Spot – spending hours on end forcing yourself to study and memorize material is draining, and also not effective unless you have a photographic memory. Switching your study spot and changing the scenery will help you gain a new perspective and possibly more motivation as well. 
  3. Group Study Sessions – reserving a room in a classroom with your classmates is a great way to study. Use the white board and put together your notes so you can gather the most useful information as possible. You may not realize what you didn’t know.
  4. Make Time to Take Care of Yourself – forcing yourself to study and not make time for things like exercise, sleep, and friend time is unhealthy. You may think that cramming is your only solution if you’re late in the game and need to learn as much material as possible in a short period of time. However, doing this almost never works. Students end up sleep deprived and their brain functions at a lower level, negatively affecting the score they receive on their exam. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercising, and doing something you enjoy. This will benefit you greatly and help you retain information better. 
  5. Separate Material by Chapter – looking at everything you need to know as a whole is overwhelming and time consuming. Separate and shorter sessions are more effective for learning and retaining information. Taking incremental breaks and grabbing a coffee every so often will help your mind recharge. [Hint : Take it easy on the caffeine : drinking 5 cups of coffee and pulling an all nighter studying won’t do you any good]

Most importantly, try your best to not stress yourself out. While finals are important, they are not everything. Your grade won’t dictate your life or matter 10 years from now. Just focus on what you know how to do and do your best!