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Fall is a truly enchanting season, especially in upstate New York, and SUNY Fredonia’s campus becomes a picturesque haven with the unfolding of colorful leaves. If you’re seeking to venture beyond the campus and immerse yourself in the autumnal beauty, we’ve compiled a selection of destinations and activities that promise an ideal fall experience.

Apple Picking: Visit local orchards for apple picking. Enjoy the crisp fall air while selecting your own apples and perhaps indulging in some cider or apple-based treats.

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze: Embrace the fall spirit by exploring a pumpkin patch and navigating through a corn maze. Places like Pumpkinville in Great Valley offer both these activities, making for a fun and festive outing.

Photo Credit: ILoveNY

Hiking in State Parks: Take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage by going for a hike in nearby state parks such as Allegany State Park or Lake Erie State Park. The changing leaves create a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities.

Fall Festivals: Keep an eye out for local fall festivals that often feature live music, seasonal food, crafts, and activities. The Fredonia Farm Festival and other nearby events are great opportunities to immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere.

Haunted Attractions: As Halloween approaches, explore haunted attractions like haunted houses or hayrides. Pay attention to Fredonia’s activities and events calendar for upcoming events.

Fall Photoshoot: Capture the beauty of the season by embarking on a photography expedition. Whether it’s the vibrant leaves, charming small towns, or scenic landscapes, fall offers a plethora of photogenic opportunities.

Camping: Set up a fall-themed camping trip in the surrounding areas. Camping during autumn provides a cozy and rustic experience, complete with campfires and starry nights.

Food and Drinks: EBC West offers an ideal setting for a warm and inviting autumn meal. Their menu boasts an array of comforting dishes, accompanied by seasonal beers and ciders. For the ultimate pumpkin spice latte, look no further than UpperCrust Bakery

Wine Tasting Tours: Explore the local wineries and vineyards for wine tasting tours. Many wineries offer special events and tastings during the fall season, often paired with discussions about winemaking. There are plenty of great wineries near Fredonia – here is a list of the top 10 to check out, according to YELP.

Nature Walks by the Lake: SUNY Fredonia is close to Lake Erie, making it a perfect opportunity for lakeside nature walks. As the weather cools down, take a leisurely stroll along the lakefront, enjoying the tranquil views and crisp air.